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The Script. Or What Kungfu Panda Teaches Me About Life.

Tulisan ini sebenarnya didapat dari penerawangan dari hasil retweet najwashihab, yang mengarah pada tulisan seseorang dengan id manampiring di multiply dengan judul yang sama dengan posting ini. Terus terang, saya suka dengan tulisan yang inspiratif ini, dan ingin berbagi tentang makna yang terdapat dalam tulisan ini *repost :-V. Kalau ingin langsung melihat tulisan aslinya dapat dilihat di TKP langsung disini. berikut adalah hasil repost-nya :

How do you live your "script" so far, folks? Happy with it? Or do you even have The Script?

I just had a chat with a friend today. She is probably the picture of a perfect life. Smart, beautiful, successful career, married with child. So I told her how I envy her life, because it goes according to "The Script".

Most Indonesians live with "The Script" pretty much defined for them. Be a good child, graduate with good grades, get a good job, and then from here the script branches. For men - nail a nice girl from a nice family, marry her, continue working and providing for your family. For women, it's OK to work, but make sure you don't pass "The Golden Marrying Age". Snatch Mr. Right, give birth to kids, be a good wife and mother.

Based on The Script, I could not say I live a fulfilling life at the moment. I pretty much miss all the important points of it. Hence the reason for my envy towards my friend above.

But then my friend made a simple yet profound remark: "There is no such thing as 'the right' Script. Everybody has their own script to live to". I know this is probably a blindingly obvious thing to say, but that simple shift from "The Script" to "the scripts" is no simple thing to assimilate.

Which reminds me to, coincidentally, "Kungfu Panda" show on TV just last night. The animated movie tells about the legend of The Dragon Scroll, only bestowed upon the mightiest Kungfu warrior. The rumor was that the Dragon Scroll contained the ultimate secret of martial arts, one that shall give its reader the ultimate power over all other warriors.

Here comes the twist. - SPOILER ALERT- (please stop reading if you haven't watched the movie and want to learn the twist yourself). As Po The Panda finally obtained the scroll after long grueling Kungfu training session, to his shocked and horror he found that the scroll was.....blank.

There was nothing on the scroll. It was a just shiny golden BLANK scroll. There is no "secret ingredient". And only later Po The Panda understands, the ultimate Kungfu secret he has sought after lies within oneself, in one's own belief.

And perhaps, almost like magic, my friend's remark less than 24 hours later actually connects these dots.

Because perhaps, just like there is no secret of the Dragon Scroll,
there is also no Script.

We are not predestined to live according to some pre-written script. The society may believe there is some sort of Script to follow, but we, only we alone, hold the blank script. And whatever life throws at you, the pen is always in our hands.

In the end, we are no different from Po The Panda :) May we all find our own Dragon Scroll!

Sekian dari saya, semoga hasil reposting ini bermanfaat :)

credit to : http://manampiring.multiply.com/

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